V3 Rugby League Showcase - Match Widgets

Match Summary widget

The Match Summary widget shows a high level overview of a given Rugby League match. Substitutions can also be shown.

Chalkboard widget

The Chalkboard widget shows the positions of key events for a given player/set of players for a given time period in the match.

Match Stats widget - lineups

The Match Stats (lineups) widget shows all the players to take part in a given Rugby League match. Customers can configure the widget in a number of different ways to change how the widget is laid out.

Match Stats widget - team graphs

The Match Stats (team graphs) widget shows the team stats for a given Rugby League match in a typical Match Stats output.

Match Stats widget - teamsheet

The Match Stats (teamsheet) widget displays player stats for a given Rugby League match.

Commentary widget

The Commentary widget can show data from either our Manual Commentary or Automated Commentary feed.