V3 Football Showcase - using the SD API

Attacking Thirds widget

The Attacking Thirds widget provides a graphical representation of where a team channels their attacks. The widget can be configured to show both teams across a full pitch, or a single team across half a pitch, in either vertical or horizontal orientation. The animation of the arrows can be configured to on or off.

Match Stats (lineups) widget

The Match Stats (lineups) widget is a template within the Match Stats widget that simply shows the lineups and key events for a given game.

Match stats (Team graphs)

The 'Team graphs' is one of 6 templates for the Match Stats widget. This template shows the stats accumulated for each team in the game.

Match Stats (Players)

The Players template is part of the Match Stats widget that displays player stats for a given game. The widget can be customised to show data for just one player.

Match Summary widget

The Match Summary widget displays information from a given match, including goalscorers, assists, and cards.

Opta Facts widget

The Opta Facts widget provides statistical/editorial facts and insights with regard to specific match. All facts are being provided by the Opta Editorial Team. The example on the right shows the "carousel" template.

Commentary widget

The commentary widget consists of a breakdown of the key events with an automated line of text in several languages. The example here is the automated version of the commentary, including 'minor' events.

Starting Formations widget

The Starting Formations widget plots the 22 starting players in formation for a given football match.

Fixtures widget

The Fixtures widget is a match list for given subscribed Competitions & Seasons and covers past, present and future matches. Live scores are being auto-refreshed every 30 seconds during a match. The example here shows Gameweek 8 of the 2015/16 Premier League season, including the venue names.

Standings widget

This widget essentially powers any live league or competition tables content.

Squad widget

The squad widget provides a full squad list for a specific team. The example here shows the "headshots" template for Chelsea, showing only the midfielders.

Season Player Stats widget

The Season Player Stats widget displays a graphical layout of key stats accumulated by a player for a given team over the course of a specific season.

Season Team Stats

The Season Team Stats widget displays a graphical layout of key stats accumulated by a given team over the course of a specific season.

Player Profile widget

The Player Profile widget displays basic information for a player for a given team.

Competition Stats

The Competition Stats shows a set of stats across a specific competition. The customer can configure the stats shown and the user can click on a stat to see the top players or teams within that category.

Matchday Live widget

The Matchday Live widget displays the starting formations of each team as well as key stats for each player in the game.

Player Compare (Match)

The Player Compare (Match) widget compares players' performances for a specific match. The widget can be displayed with either the "normal" template or the "duel" template.