V3 Cricket Showcase - Core Data Widgets

Fixtures - normal

The Cricket Fixtures widget's normal template shows fixtures, results and live scores in a list view. The widget can be customised to show select tournaments within specific date ranges.

Fixtures - grid

The Cricket Fixtures widget's grid template shows the same data but in a grid layout.

Fixtures - strip

The Cricket Fixtures widget's strip template shows the same data but in a 'strip' layout.


The Cricket Scorecard widget shows all data available from Opta's C2 feed. The widget can be customised in hundreds of different permutations, to allow the customer to show only the data points they want to show. The Fall of Wickets section also has a graphical representation of the partnerships that can be turned on!


The Cricket Standings widget displays the league table for a given competition. The widget will show data points relevant for the specific format of the game.


The Cricket Commentary widget shows a ball by ball summary of the most recent 10 overs, as well as key events from earlier in the match.

Match Summary

The Match Summary widget shows high level information about a given cricket match, including the teams.