V3 Rugby Union Showcase - Match Widgets

Timeline widget

The Timeline widget plots the keys events chronologically over the course of a match. The widget is a live updating widget, and the customer can configure what event types get shown.

Action Areas widget

The Action Areas widget shows the territories within a given Rugby Union match.

Match Summary widget

The Match Summary widget shows a high level overview of a given Rugby Union match. Substitutions can also be shown.

Matchday Live widget

The Matchday Live widget shows the players in Rugby formation, and key stats for each player.

Chalkboard widget

The Chalkboard widget shows the positions of key events for a given player/set of players for a given time period in the match.

Match Stats widget - lineups

The Match Stats (lineups) widget shows all the players to take part in a given Rugby Union match. Customers can configure the widget in a number of different ways to change how the widget is laid out.

Match Stats widget - team graphs

The Match Stats (team graphs) widget shows the team stats for a given Rugby Union match in a typical Match Stats output.

Match Stats widget - teamsheet

The Match Stats (teamsheet) widget displays player stats for a given Rugby Union match.

Commentary widget

The Commentary widget can show data from either our Manual Commentary or Automated Commentary feed. The example on the right shows that of Japan's epic 34-32 victory over South Africa in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Opta Facts widget

The Opta Facts widget shows a selection of curated pre-match facts for a given Rugby Union match. The example on the right is using the 'carousel' template.