V3 Football Showcase - Match widgets

Goal Replay widget

The Goal Replay widget allows football fans to re-live crucial moments in a football match by watching animations of Goals and other attempts using Opta's most in-depth match level data. The widget can be configured with animations either on or off, perfect for customers who want to screenshot a famous goal!

Pass Matrix widget

The Pass Matrix allows users to interrogate pass maps between different players in a specific football game.

Action Areas widget

The Action Areas widget shows the possession and areas in which the ball was played throughout the game.

Average Positions widget

The Average Positions widget plots the average position of where each player touched the ball on the pitch.

Attacking Thirds widget

The Attacking Thirds widget provides a graphical representation of where a team channels their attacks. The widget can be configured to show both teams across a full pitch, or a single team across half a pitch, in either vertical or horizontal orientation. The animation of the arrows can be configured to on or off.

Matchday Live widget

The Matchday Live widget displays the starting formations of each team as well as key stats for each player in the game.

Timeline widget

The Timeline widget shows the key events during a game on a timeline, either horizontally or vertically.

Ticker widget

The Ticket widget displays key events across one or more competitions in a 'videprinter' style. The widget can be customized to only show certain event types, or show for specific matches.

Match Stats (lineups) widget

The Match Stats (lineups) widget is a template within the Match Stats widget that simply shows the lineups and key events for a given game.

Match stats (Team graphs)

The 'Team graphs' is one of 6 templates for the Match Stats widget. This template shows the stats accumulated for each team in the game.

Match Stats (Players)

The Players template is part of the Match Stats widget that displays player stats for a given game. The widget can be customised to show data for just one player.

Player Compare (Match)

The Player Compare (Match) widget compares players' performances for a specific match. The widget can be displayed with either the "normal" template or the "duel" template.

Heatmap widget

The Heatmap widget shows either the Heatmap or Touchmap for a given game. The end user is able to use the time controls and player selectors to filter the data shown.

Match Preview widget

The Match Preview widget provides key statistical data ahead of a customer-defined game. The widget will display a team's recent form, the head-to-head record of the two teams, top scorers and upcoming games. The widget will usually be available from around five days before a game is played.

Match Summary widget

The Match Summary widget displays information from a given match, including goalscorers, assists, and cards.

Opta Facts widget

The Opta Facts widget provides statistical/editorial facts and insights with regard to specific match. All facts are being provided by the Opta Editorial Team. The example on the right shows the "carousel" template.

Commentary widget

The commentary widget consists of a breakdown of the key events with an automated line of text in several languages. The example here is the automated version of the commentary, including 'minor' events.


The Chalkboard widget displays every event plotted onto a football pitch, and can be configured to show specific event types for specific players. The end user can use the time controls to filter the data further or select an area on the pitch for which to investigate the data further.

Provisional Lineup widget

The Provisional Line-Up widget will display a “best guess” of which players will be selected for a particular match a number of days before the match is played. *The information is supplied by our team of editors but should NOT be interpreted as the actual line-up* Please note this is currently ONLY available for the following competitions: European Championships World Cup Champions League Serie A La Liga Turkish Super League (Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Trabzonspor games)

Starting Formations widget

The Starting Formations widget plots the 22 starting players in formation for a given football match.