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61 - Bayern Munich are previously unbeaten in their last 61 competitive matches that Thomas Müller has scored in (W…… 2 minutes ago

23 - Barcelona have won 23 games overall against English clubs in the Champions League; more than any other team. G…… 1 hours ago

791 - Luis Suarez has failed to score in the last 791 minutes on the pitch in the Champions League, his longest goa…… 1 hours ago

0 - Lionel Messi has faced Chelsea eight times without scoring a single goal from 29 shots; his worst record agains…… 11 Dec

11 - Barcelona finished top of their group for the 11th consecutive season, the longest run in the history of the…… 4 hours ago

221 - Idrissa Gueye has made 221 tackles in the Premier League since his Everton debut in August 2016; 13 more than…… 3 hours ago

3 - Tonight was only the third time Manchester City have failed to score in a match this season, with lower league…… 22 hours ago

3 - @LaticsOfficial have now won each of their last three FA Cup meetings with Manchester City, also beating them i…… 22 hours ago

7 - Will Grigg has scored more #FACup goals than any other player in the competition this season. Stunned. 23 hours ago

2 - Fabian Delph's sending off was only the second red card of his career in English football, with his other comin…… 23 hours ago

The OptaJoe Quiz 2014

The OptaJoe Quiz - Thursday March 6, 2014

The annual OptaJoe Sports Industry Football quiz took place on Thursday 6th March in central London, with the Sky Sports Stats Team narrowly defending their title for the third time.

You can find the programme and questions sheets for the evening in the right-hand column of this page. We will post the answers early next week.

The final scoreboard was:

Quiz results

Relive all of the action from our live blog of the night here:

2:30pm 2013 Champions


2:32pm 2013 champions Sky will be hoping to claim their third title tonight, allowing them to keep the coveted trophy forever.

3:38pm Of course last year's runners-up the Guardian have also lifted the cup on two previous occasions; will it be another two horse race this time around?

5:04pm The Guardian mean business it seems, with tactics guru Jonathan Wilson making a much-anticipated return to the starting line-up.

@jonawils: It's the Opta quiz later. I'm back in the Guardian team after a 2yr absence (unavailable rather than dropped, although I may have been).

5:50pm Tension is in the air as OptaJoe orders his staff to complete the final preparations; the guests will be arriving soon.

6:20pm The area is finally ready, and the guests are arriving. The countdown to the fifth Optajoe Quiz has started.


6:24pm Touchline reporter Simon Farrant is already reporting early drama; with an ever-growing list of disciplinary matters to attend to, the FA have decided to stay in Wembley tonight; their place will be taken by Sunset and Vine.

6:41pm Hush in the auditorium as reigning champions Sky Sports Stats Team make their customary early entrance; they are 8/11 favourites to defend their title.

6:46pm The Football League are also in early, hoping to improve on a respectable mid-table position last season.


6:52pm Of course, the major battle tonight pits Sky Stats Team against the Guardian; having promised the broadsheet heavyweights that they would "knock them off their perch" last year, a victory for Sky would put them out on their own in the lead with three titles.

6:54pm But let's not forget the other exciting questions: Can the Sun or the Telegraph wrestle the newspaper crown from the Guardian? Will the Premier League, as they do season after season, finish on top of the Football League? Will the bloggers survive in a social environment?

6:54pm It really is all to play for.

6:56pm Roving reporter Carlota has caught up with the reigning champions pitch-side. Can they defend their title? "We will try our best, as we always do."


7:00pm OptaJoe is in bullish mood as he goes through his final, strangely provocative, pre-match warm-up routine: "May the worst team lose."

7:03pm The Sky Production Team are just hoping to enjoy the occasion, claiming "we're all a big happy family at sky sports so we made a deal with the stats team, they win and we enjoy the night"

Phps7aglosky Production

7:08pm So in just 98 days time, the eyes of the footballing world will descend upon Sao Paolo for the opening of the 2014 Fifa World Cup. But for tonight, they are firmly focused on a central London boozer, for the most famous sports pub quiz in the world.

7:09pm Round One is the English Football League round. Remember this is the first place you can get your hands on the questions.

7:11pm The first question - which ground has the biggest attendance in each of the three tiers of the Football League? Any ideas?

7:13pm Betfair are hoping for a top 10 finish this season, and have brought a "superstar" along with them this year. The one on the right, apparently.. 


7:18pm The pub looks bursting to the seams as the contestants bravely fight through the Football League round.


7:21pm Comment From Dan - Wednesday wolves Plymouth

7:21pm Comment From Trystan - Leeds, Wolves and Portsmouth

7:22pm Answers to that opening gambit will come at the half-time interval by the way.

7:24pm We've moved swiftly on to the UEFA round. The pressure is on UEFA themselves to excel here.

7:27pm ESPN have gatecrashed the top three before; can they go a step further this time?


7:28pm Comment From Guest  - This interactive viz shows that @guardianfoot would have won the last optaquiz but for a total shocker in the Pointless round. 

7:29pm Great commitment there from "Guest"

7:30pm Comment From PB  -the data doesnt lie

7:30pm Amen to that.

7:33pm The UEFA round has come to a swift conclusion and we're on to round three.

7:36pm OptaJoe returning to familiar territory with round three; the Twitter round.

7:38pm OptaJoe is reading out infamous Twitter quotes from the footballing world. All the contestants need to do is remember who said them.

7:38pm Comment From Radja  -Where can we find the questions?

7:39pm Hi Radja - we will be posting the first-half questions via this blog and on Twitter at the half-time interval.

7:42pm My favourite from the Twitter round, who said this (no googling)?: "What's the point in us english ex-footballs doing our badgers never going 2 get jobs don't have 2 say why"

7:43pm A fair point, for me.

7:46pm No messing about from the Guardian, as ever.


7:48pm Comment From Guest - why isn't there a video livestream for this?

7:49pm Comment From Chris  - This is why I want to be a sports journalist, as well as it being an exciting and fulfilling profession obviously. But mainly this.

7:50pm Evenings out don't get much more glamorous than this..

7:54pm The final round of the first-half is the Pointless round; OptaJoe has asked 25 people to answer four questions with multiple answers; just like the famous BBC quiz show, the contestants must choose the most obscure answers.

7:55pm For the World Cup question, as ever, when we say country, we're looking for a sovereign state recognised by the United Nations.

7:56pm Comment From PB  - ooh Guardian getting nervous?

7:56pm It's not squeaky bum time yet, PB

7:58pm That's it for the first-half. The teams are now swapping papers as OptaJoe gets ready to reveal the answers.

8:01pm Comment From PB – Here's what it looked like at half time in the previous quiz...


8:02pm Answers to the earlier teaser now: The biggest grounds in the Football League's three tiers are Hillsborough, Bramall Lane and Fratton Park - well done if you got all three.

8:04pm Comment From Chris - Is the Ricoh not larger than Bramall Lane or were you not counting that because it's not in use?

8:04pm I'm reliably informed that Bramall Lane is just under 100 seats bigger than the Ricoh Arena at full capacity.

8:06pm Answer to the earlier Twitter poser "What's the point in us english ex-footballs doing our badgers never going 2 get jobs don't have 2 say why"

8:07pm That was Dean Windass, obviously.

8:11pm That's it for the first-half, the answer sheets have been handed in and we will be back shortly with the leaderboard.

8:42pm Amazing scenes as the half-time results are announced.

8:43pm Reigning champions Sky and twice-winners the Guardian are tied in the runners-up spot, with Football 365 and ESPN tied in first position.

8:44pm It couldn't be any closer.

8:45pm FourFourTwo confident with their first-half performance, helped by a "Twitter expert."


8:48pm The first-half didn't go well for the lads from Eurosport, who admit to roving reporter Carlota that "our best player bailed last minute!"


8:49pm The World Cup round is underway. A quick teaser for you: Name the four World Cup semi-finals to go to penalties.

8:49pm I just need the year and the teams involved.

8:50pm Social media veterans WhoScored were unsurprisingly delighted with the Twitter round.


8:52pm Spearheaded by Russell Lanning, the Sun are happy with their first-half performance and are "confident for the next round"


8:53pm Comment From Big Dunc  -Where are the Goal boys? Come on fellas!

8:55pm Sporting Index just "hoping to not come last."


8:57pm Something you are unlikely to see in Rio this summer, in-game quotes from the winning side. Joint leaders at the half-way stage ESPN are taking things very seriously: "Yes!! We're confident but we still have to be careful! Last year we fell behind, not having anymore drink'"

8:59pm A disappointing first-half showing has the analysts team bemoaning "too high expectations" before kick-off.


9:00pm We're on to the devilishly difficult FA Cup round;

9:00pm Shame the FA themselves couldn't be here for this one.

9:02pm The boys at Yahoo look on solemnly during the World Cup round.


9:04pm The Guardian are another team looking glum at the sound of more of OptaJoe's fiendish questions.

Phpiojifkguardian Ht

9:08pm UEFA will be embarrassed not to finish in the top four, I'd imagine.


9:12pm Comment From A  -Hola

9:13pm Looks like the OptaJoe pub quiz is being followed throughout Europe!

9:15pm Last minute entrants Sunset and Vine are far from disgracing themselves despite a lack of preparation time.


9:18pm As we speak, OptaJoe is busy going through the Who Am I round. Three clues to decipher to the identify of a famous footballer.

9:19pm Who is the only player to see his father and grandfather play at a World Cup finals tournament?

9:24pm We're onto the famous footballers round - remember, you can still answer the World Cup teaser.

9:24pm Comment From Kenneth - Gudjohnsen

9:26pm We'll see the answers at the end of the quiz.

9:29pm That's it! The fifth OptaJoe pub quiz has drawn to a conclusion, and the players are swapping papers to mark the second round.

9:35pm The third prong in the Sky fork is, who have had a "very enjoyable night." Aww.

Php1ze77fphoto 26

9:39pm Unfortunately for Kenneth, Javier Hernandez was the player to see his father and grandfather appear in World Cup tournaments.

9:40pm Comment From Kenneth - Unlucky! Cheers mate!

9:41pm A bit of noise from the crowd as OptaJoe runs through the final rounds.

9:42pm Disbelief from Sunset and Vine as it is announced that Michel Platini made an international appearance for Kuwait.

9:44pm Finally for Big Dunc, here are

Php4zdmk7photo 29

9:45pm The question papers are in and the second round is about to be marked. The winners of the fifth annual OptaJoe quiz will be announced very shortly.

10:06pm The Mirror only have one excuse for their under-par showing: "Martin Lipton let us down."


10:07pm Quote of the night goes to Football 365: "Winning the first round was better than the birth of   Nick Millers' first child."


10:07pm But will they win the second round??

10:08pm That question will be answered very shortly, as I have been informed that the results are in.

10:10pm Media giants the Times nervously away the final scores.


10:14pm The wooden spoon goes to the Analysts.

10:15pm OptaJoe is flying through these teams; Eurosport and FourFourTwo are level in 9th position as we head to the top three.

10:15pm Drama as we reach the final three, as twice winners the Guardian are tied with Football 365 in third place.

10:16pm There are only two teams remaining; twice winners Sky Stats Team and ESPN.

10:16pm ESPN ARE SECOND!!!

10:17pm After a ridiculously long pause, OptaJoe has revealed that Sky Sports Stats Team have successfully defended their title and claimed their third title.

10:26pm There they are ladies and gentleman; the winners of the fifth OptaJoe pub quiz: the Sky Sports Stats Team

Thumb900 Phpdjmwnzwinners

10:27pm Let's spare a thought for the analysts, who picked up a football for dummies book for last place.

Thumb900 Phpxv6e15analysts

10:28pm Remember you can see all the questions and answers via @optajoe tomorrow.

10:32pm But that's it from me tonight. I'll leave you with a final quote from our reigning champions the Sky Stats Team; a quote that I think sums up the night for all of us.

10:32pm 'We'll have another round of beers'