Football Matchday Widget Showcase

Action Areas widget

A popular graphic which is often seen on TV broadcasts, the action areas widget displays the percentage of time the ball has spent in different thirds of a pitch. The widget also shows possession data and allows the end user to switch between different time periods during a game

Attacking Thirds widget

The attacking thirds widget displays where a team has launched its attacks from during a game. The user is able to compare teams over a full game or either half, compare a single team over two halves or use the timeline to specify their own time period

Average Position widget

The average position widget is a live representation of a players’ average position on the pitch during a specific match based on ball contacts. The widget can be set to update live and will begin to display average positions after 15 minutes of a specified match. (This widget will not work on IE browsers below IE9)

Formation widget

The formation widget displays a graphical representation of the formation a team will use during a defined game. The formation is added by Opta’s data collection team once a line-up is officially announced for a match – usually around 45 minutes before kick-off. (This widget will not work on IE browsers below IE9)

Matchday Live widget

The Matchday Live widget displays the starting formations of each team, substitutions, key events, and individual player stats can be found by clicking on a player.

Match Stats Plus (Team) widget

The Match Stats Plus widget provides live team statistics for a specific match.

Match Stats Plus (Line-ups) widget

The Match Stats widget (Line-ups) is a full (and live) line-ups, including key events.

Match Stats Plus (Player) widget

The Match Stats Plus widget (Players) is a complete set of player statistics for each of the players who took part in the game – a full breakdown of shots, corners, offsides, tackles, fouls, possession and more, filtered by position. The widget is updated every 30 seconds (approx.) when live mode is set.

Chalkboard widget

The chalkboard widget puts the analysis of a match into the hands of the end user. After the customer selects a match, the end user can interrogate the performance of all players filtering on a wide number of attributes from different categories. (This widget will not work on IE browsers below IE9)

Goal Replay Widget

The goal replay widget is a graphical representation of the events which lead up to a goal or goal scoring opportunity. The widget will show passes and challenges from both teams during a particular move and the user can switch between attempts and goals from both teams using the dropdown menus.

Heatmap widget

Based on 25 different event types, heatmap widget provides in depth analysis of the teams and individual players during and post matches.

Passing Combination widget

The passing combination widget displays in graphical form all successful passing interactions between players on a single team during a specific match. Users can select which player combination they wish to view or select from a pre-loaded list which displays the top five combination from each team in a drop-down menu. (This widget will not work on IE browsers below IE9)

Live Ticker Widget

The Ticker widget is a live event box, displaying key events (goals, half-time/full-time scores) from certain matches in different competitions. The events are being displayed in chronological order, allowing the end user to scroll between events.

Opta Facts

The Opta Facts widget provides statistical/editorial facts and insights with regard to specific match. All facts are being provided by the Opta Editorial Team.

Match Preview widget

The Match Preview widget provides key statistical data ahead of a customer-defined game. The widget will display a team's recent form, the head-to-head record of the two teams, top scorers and next three games. The widget will usually be available from around five days before a game is played.

Timeline widget

A graphical timeline displaying key events (minute-by-minute) during the match.


The commentary widget consists of a breakdown of the key events with an automated line of text in several languages. Minute-by-minute manual commentary is also available.

Match Summary widget

The Match Summary widget shows basic information about a match, including scorers, cards, and substitutions. The Match Summary widget can be nested within the Fixtures Plus widget.