Basketball widget showcase

Basketball Scoreboard Widget

The Scoreboard widget is a match list for a given subscribed Competition & Season showing upcoming fixtures and past results. Users can use the calendar functionality within the widget to choose the day of the games they wish to see.

Basketball Shotchart Widget

The Shotchart widget will display all successful and unsuccessful shots made during a game. Users can filter the widget to show shots from a single team or player and also over a specific period of time.

Basketball Match Progression Widget

The Basketball Match Progression widget displays the sequential scoring of points by each team throughout the match. The user is able to select specific periods of the game to manipulate the widget.

Basketball Scoring Zones widget

The Scoring Zones widget displays the areas on the court from where shots were taken and the their success rate. The user is able to select for which players to interrogate the data.

Basketball Match Rankings Widget

The Match Rankings widget displays the top performers in a match across the following categories: Points, Assists, Rebounds.

Basketball Box Scores Widget

The Box Score widget displays cumulative player and team data during a live match.

Basketball Standings Widget

The Standing widget shows league standings for a given season and competition. It can be configured to show the standings by conference or division.

Basketball Rosters Widget

The Basketball Rosters widget displays player information for a specific team. Information includes player name, place of birth, position, height, weight, and college.

Basketball Season Stats widget

The Basketball Season Stats widget displays player stats accumulated over the course of a particular season.