Cricket Widget Showcase

Fixtures Plus Widget

The fixtures plus widget offers enhanced functionality including different grid and strip templates as shown below. Other widgets such as Match Information, Results can now be nested within the expansion to add valuable insight. The widget is available as a list, strip, classic or grid version


The Tables Widget displays the tables from competitions across domestic and international tournament cricket. They can be displayed in full like the example or in a more compact form.


The Scorecard widget displays the batting and bowling information from a specified match. If desired the widget will update live during matches. Customers can choose to show a full scorecard or a "light" version.

Wagon Wheel widget

The cricket Wagon Wheel widget displays the areas of a pitch where a batsman has scored runs during an innings. Updated live during international matches, the widget will display all scoring shots in an innings but the end user can then use the widget to show how a batsman scored their runs off individual bowlers.

Manhattan / Worm Graph

The Manhattan and Worm graph widget will display the progress of a team’s innings during a customer-defined match. The Manhattan bar chart displays runs scored off a single over, while the Worm chart will show a team’s total score after each over.

Match information

Designed to be used alongside a scorecard widget, the Match Information widget displays scores, team line-ups, umpire and toss details.

Player Compare

The Player Comparison widget allows users to compare the performances of players who are competing in the same series or competition. The widget can be configured to compare the performances of players during a particular series or through their career.

Player Stats

The Player Stats widget allows customers to display individual statistics for a player across a specific series or competition as well as their overall career stats across Test, ODI & T20 forms of the game.

Player Ranking

The Player Ranking widget displays the top individual performers across a number of different categories for international and domestic competitions.

Team Ranking

The Team Ranking widget displays ranks teams across a number of different categories for international and domestic competitions.

Competition Stats Widget

The Competition Stats widget displays the latest cumulative data that builds during the duration of a competition, series or tournaments. The widget is populated after each match.


The Commentary widget provides live information for a customer-defined match. Coverage depends on the tournament, but it will update ball-by-ball for all Test and international one-day matches.